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Our Heart
Our Childrenís Ministry ministers to children from age four through the fifth grade.   Our main desire is to connect children to the truth of Godís Word, so that they can grow into a relationship Him.   We do this in a safe and fun environment.
10:45am CHAMPS/Children's Church
Nursery - Toddler      The Ark
Children's Church (Age 4 - Fifth Grade)
Room 201
The Safe Part
We understand the need for safety in todayís society.   Therefore, we run full background screenings on all of our workers on an annual basis.   We also have an electronic check-in system for all children.   Click here to view a copy of our Safety Policy or if you would like a copy, please contact us at

The Fun Part
It is our goal that every child has such a great time that they want to come back again and again.   When kids are having fun, they want to know what else you have to offer.

The Other Part We Have To Offer
We will present children with the truths of Godís Word and help them understand and apply these realities to their lives.   We will encourage every child to learn Godís Word and know how all of Scripture fits together as a whole.

The Most Important Part Of What We Do
We will, on a regular basis, share the incredible truth of the Gospel.   The truth is that God sent His Son, Jesus, into a world of people who were separated from Him by their sins.   Jesus died to pay the price for those sins and anyone who accepts Godís gift of salvation has eternal life.   We will then ask children to accept this awesome and free gift from God.

CHAMPS/Children's Church
We have two teams that take turns in Children's Church:   Stella & Rich Messenger and Candice & Bryan Campiotti.   Tag-teaming, these two teams serve with the help of a rotation of helpers during Children's Church.   Children's Church is a time for our kids to get age appropriate teaching while the sermon is being preached in the service.   Kids start the morning with the rest of the church in worship and will have opportunity to sing, respond, and participate in worship with us.   They will then be dismissed to Children's Church for their own lesson until they return to finish the morning in worship with us.   Please pray for our teams and consider joining the helper schedule.

Stella and her dad, Rich, have been worshiping and serving with Discovery since 2004. Stella started as a kid in our children's ministry and has just recently graduated from high school.   Rich has served as a sort of jack of all trades.

Candice and Bryan connected to Discovery when we started our Saturday night service in 2010. T  hey are getting ready to have their own kids in our children's ministry.   This is Bryan and Candice's first step into this kind of consistent ministry role.

Volunteer Opportunities
We have need for Children workers in the following areas.   Anyone interested, please contact Kathi Austin.
  • Nursery workers during Sunday School, 9:30am to 10:30am
  • 2 year olds to 4 year olds
  • Kindergarten - 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade - 5th Grade
5862 Las Positas Rd.
Livermore, CA   94550
Worship: 10:45am
Phone: (925)449-5256


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